I am not selling art, history or the future. I am just a designer trying to make the best out of my creative ability to make beautiful clothes
— Edward Mongzar

Edward Mongzar was born in Nagaland, a North-Eastern state of India known for its rich heritage and culture; the state is entrenched with very diverse tribal communities, is rapidly developing and increasingly globally conscious, making Nagaland a melting pot of past and present, traditional and contemporary. He studied in several esteemed schools and colleges in India; later relocating to the UK in 2013 and completing a Masters degree in Fashion Design at Birmingham City University. In 2015 he launched his label 'Edward Mongzar', a design studio in the UK.

This wide range of experiences Edward has been exposed to, as well as the rich culture of North-East India, has instilled in him a very unique outlook on fashion. Edward seeks to re-define simplicity; creating garments with simple silhouettes yet that are innovative. In his debut collection "Marble Mist" under his label, this innovation comes from the artisanal craft of marble dyeing which provides one of a kind colour patterns on each garment. Edward adheres to a strict ethical code, using up-cycled leather for garments and recycled materials for packaging to minimise the environmental impact of his production process.