Autumn Winter 17/18

Our AW 17/18 collection revives an old story of handcrafted opulence merged with effortless style. The collection incorporates hand-woven fabrics and hand dyeing techniques to create a palette of black and warm seasonal colours that stay true to the mood of winter. Meanwhile, the silhouettes are minimal with striking handcrafted details such as handwoven, handmade faux fur. The faux fur is created using a traditional Naga yarn weaving technique using a hand loom.Each piece of the delicate faux fur is created over a period of several days; Only a small amount of the fabric can be produced each day due to the intricacy of the Naga hand loom weaving method.

The collection is a fusion of two age refined crafts and builds a bridge between the old, traditional heritage of Nagaland and the feminine elegance of Edward’s design aesthetic. With rich, soft and gentle silks, handwoven garments with elegant silhouettes and fine details, all made ethically, this collection truly embodies ethical luxury.

(The lookbook for AW17/18 has been archived, if you have any further enquiries about the collection please don’t hesitate to contact us)