Our Hand Woven Fabrics / by Edward Mongzar

 Miss Chang one of our first weavers to join us, weaving her magic.

Miss Chang one of our first weavers to join us, weaving her magic.

Fabric for our pieces is created using the traditional handloom weaving technique of Nagaland, India. Woven on an indigenous back strap loom / loin loom, Naga women dexterously weave each thread, despite the painstaking process, taking days to create a very small garment. The loom is attached to the weaver using a back strap; the fabric is then meticulously hand woven using a large wooden frame.

Ethnically, the woven pieces comprise of designs varying in colour, composition and construction. The woven garments are an intrinsic feature of the Naga costume even to the modern day. There are 17 tribes in Nagaland and each shawl represents a respective Naga Tribe and status of the individual adorning the woven garment in terms of social standing and individual wealth.


Of the multiple techniques of weaving, types of pattern and medleys of colour, the most dynamic technique is used for our garments. Hence, each small piece of a garment paints a visual amalgamation of cultural diversity, a sentimental re-validation of one's roots and a tactile approach to uplift and empower the age-old craft of handloom weaving. Its introduction to a contemporary market gives the time-worn practice a new lease of life.


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