The National Student Interview by - Ruby Naldrett Westminster, University of

The National Student Interview by - Ruby Naldrett of the University of Westminster

Edward recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the fashion editor, Ruby Naldrett, for the National Student. Ruby quizzed Edward about the value of his university education when it comes to designing and launching a label, his background and his focus on making luxury more sustainable.

The interview talks about Edward’s journey to seeking out a more ethical and sustainable path to designing and puts across his belief that education is highly important and that having a well developed skill set, as well as getting to know who you are, is key to success in the industry.

You can read the article by visiting the National Student’s website, linked below.

Behind the brand: the designer who is making luxury sustainable

Edward Mongzar is a fashion designer whose label is committed to creating luxury but sustainable fashion. Here he takes us behind the brand and talks about everything from getting inspiration from his mother to the importance of university.

The National Student is a free, independent national student publication founded in 2003 to provide a voice to students all over the UK.

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