Edward Mongzar X Curated Crowd

“Styles are copied and reproduced in bulk. Creative people are often treated like industrial machinery, churning out slight variations of whatever happens to be on the catwalk”.

“Trends dictate what people can buy and wear, and insensible pricing is rampant in the industry, leading us to suspect that creativity, quality and cost is not always aligned, as standard” – so say Curated Crowd, our brand new stockist and we couldn’t agree more!

We are so excited to announce that you can now shop our SS19 collection at Curated Crowd, an online retail platform that “exists to show the world fashion created by designers who have a story to tell” and who are fighting against the over saturated fast fashion market by focusing on building connections between unique designers and their customers.

In their own words ”Curated Crowd fights the creative decline and conformity that are harming the fashion industry. We celebrate the depth of innovation and authentic creativity our designers bring to the scene”. Something we think is totally in line with our views and we honestly could not be happier to be a part of the platform.

We had the pleasure of meeting the founder, Ada, at Scoop London this year and we were really impressed by her commitment to finding innovative and fresh designers and the interest and curiosity she showed in our design process, in the marbling and what else we can do to explore our design process!

Make sure you visit their website to learn more about this amazing new marketplace and make sure to shop our SS19 collection here:


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