Edward Mongzar X I Love Designer

We are happy to announce that we are now retailing with I Love Designer! ILD is the only of its kind East meets West designer portal, combining the best and most unique designer curation from all across the world.

In their own words, I Love Designer say: “We are the only luxury online portal in the world where every piece is carefully handpicked from both established and emerging Eastern and Western-based designers. This allows us to provide you with a curated edit of the highest quality and most stylish accessories that the world of luxury fashion has to offer. 

We want this to feel like a one stop shop Aladdin’s cave for you trinket-seeking magpies; feel free to dip in and out as you choose. The creative pieces are dedicated to our elusive and globe-wandering girls. We want our accessories to help you tell the stories that all-too-often get forgotten in the hustle and bustle of a little thing we call life”.

We are so excited to have been invited to join the platform and we encourage you all to take a look through the wonderful selection of garments they have from the best designers across the globe! And of course, do be sure to buy a dress or two from us!

(The platform also offers 1 day delivery within London and several major cities in Asia).

Check them out:

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