Marble Mist



A successful woman once said that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. This is something that is encapsulated by our collection Marble Mist. With delicate marble dyed fabrics, smooth silk georgette and soft and free flowing garments, elegance is abound. The collection fosters an opulent and sexy air of confidence whilst still ensuring each design is still completely serene. Simple silhouettes, free flowing fabrics and mellow splashes of colour.

Marble Mist embodies its namesake; each garment is soft and ethereal. They give the Edward Mongzar woman complete unrestraint and allow her femininity to be free. They are empowering and give her a feeling reminiscent of gently drifting off into a soft sleep or daydream.

(The lookbook for Marble Mist has been archived, if you have any further enquiries about the collection please don’t hesitate to contact us)